Slutty 18 year old Teen Kerry Fucks her Dad’s Business Partner Outside

Slutty 18 year old Dark-Haired Teen Kerry has had her eye on Graham, her dad’s business partner, for ages. She has seen the way he looks at her and can see the lust in those icy blue eyes. Kerry has had the hots for older men ever since accidentally seeing her older brother’s friend naked in the shower and Graham is the most handsome old man she knows. So Kerry hatches a plan to seduce Graham and to finally feel his massive cock in her tight young cunt.

Graham is coming to visit today but Kerry’s dad has been called to an urgent meeting and has asked her to entertain Graham until he gets back. I doubt Kerry’s dad had this type of “entertainment” in mind but Kerry being the young slut that she is, never let’s an opportunity go begging.

Graham arrives and is surprised to find Kerry dressed in slutty white lingerie lying on a lounger outside seductively fingering her moist young shaven cunt and pinching her ample adult sized nipples. Well what’s an older man supposed to do? Put yourself in Graham’s position! After carefully weighing up the options (which takes all of 5 seconds) Graham does what any man in his situation would do. He quickly strips down and presents his engorged rock-hard purple cock to Kerry to worship. Graham is aware of Kerry’s reputation as a slutty cock-loving little whore so he wastes no time bending her over and roughly fucks her doggy-style enjoying the erotic forbidden  sight of this “girl-woman’s” young firm tits swinging around wildly with each vigorous stroke from his older man’s cock. Kerry takes it all and begs for more but Kerry’s young cunt is extremely tight from non-use and Graham can feel the familiar tingle in his balls and he knows he can’t last much longer. Graham pulls out his cock, pushes the young whore to her knees and unloads all over Kerry’s beautiful young face and hair. Wow what a climax!!

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Innocent 18 year old Olga gets Surprised in Public Toilet

Innocent Brunette Russian Teen, Olga, gets the surprise of her life while visiting a Public Toilet in Moscow. Olga needed a piss and a crafty smoke so where better than in the Public Toilets. Little did she realise that she would soon be Inhaling something far bigger and far more satisfying.

Olga was surprised to find 2 neatly cut holes in the toilet but being an INNOCENT TEEN she never expected to see what was suddenly pushed through one of the holes. Having got over her initial surprise at seeing such a LARGE HARD COCK pointing at her, she gets on with doing what every good 18 year old slut should do and quickly strips off, puts her finger into her young hot innocent cunt and starts sucking on the MASSIVE ANONYMOUS COCK, after all who’s going to know. The action soon hots up when Olga realises that her finger doesn’t quite reach the spot and decides that she needs some MAN-MEAT in her tight young hole. She backs up onto the strangers cock and fucks it with relish enjoying the way it stretches her young cunt and scratches the itch that she can feel deep inside. Olga plays with the strangers balls and feels them tighten. Her limited experience with the boys behind the bike-shed has taught her that he’s end is near. So she rams back on the strangers cock and quickly brings herself to an earth-shattering climax. As she comes down, being a well mannered young girl, she turns around to say thank you but the stranger has other ideas and unloads a MASSIVE CUMSHOT splattering Olga’s cute little innocent face with his MAN-GOO.

Fuck why are there no Public Toilets with these facilities in Blackpool!!

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Amateur Lexy visits a Glory-Hole for the first time

Lexy is a slutty busty wife Dirty D from GloryHoleGirlz is turning out around town for her husband Ian. Lexy loves to suck dick but she has only ever sucked her husbands cock and has never been to a glory-hole before. Dirty D takes Lexy to the back of the adult book store into the glory-hole booth to service the horny strangers lurking in the hall. Lexy strips naked and takes right to blowing some anonymous cocks. Lexy is a touch shy to begin off with but soon rises to the challenge and sucks like a Bitch on Heat. Watch as Lexy milks load after hot load of strangers cum all over her face and tits. This is the wife we ALL want waiting for us at home.

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MILF Cock-Sucking Championships

Two Pornstar MILF’s compete for the ultimate title, BEST COCK-SUCKER in the WORLD. These girls are seasoned pro’s and these 3 preview clips prove they know their way around cocks. In this heat Blonde umm “Blondie” (original I know)  takes on Brunette “Envy” for the chance to progress to the next round and ultimately for a chance to compete for $100,00.00 and the title of BEST COCK-SUCKER in the WORLD 2011. The action is fast and raunchy, they know they are being scored on their performances and they pull out all the stops using all their experience gained from years in the PORN industry.

The cocks are big and hard, the mouths are wet and wide and the action is downright dirty. If PRO’s sucking cock like their lives depended on it and amateur commentators fucking stunning “fluffer” girls while watching the action is your thing, this movie is Definitely for YOU, Don’t miss it!!

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